Past Announcement (29 September 2021)

Oko sessions on 4 to 9 Oct cancelled, to be held via livestream on 10 Oct

Announcement on 29 September 2021:

Oko Ceremony sessions from 4 to 9 October will be cancelled. Evening gongyo and 30 min Daimoku will continue as usual during the above dates. Oko Ceremony will be conducted on 10 October (Sunday) 10am as scheduled, via livestream.

Believers who have already booked slots for the Oko Ceremony sessions from 4 to 9 October may still attend evening gongyo at the temple per their booking, and to attend Oko Ceremony on 10 October via livestream.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Chief Priest

Reverend Shingaku Kato

Believers who are interested to attend Gongyo sessions in person may book a seat at

For believers who are unable to secure a seat, you are warmly encouraged to continue joining Gongyo and Shodaikai via Facebook livestream.

Detailed breakdown of livestream schedule can be found here.