Past Announcement (29 Jun 2022)

Daily 1 hour shodai in the month of July and cancellation of extra sessions of Kosenrufu Chanting & Oko Ceremon

Announcement on 29 June 2022

Dear believers,

In line with the Head Temple Taisekiji’s direction and guidance by 68th High Priest Nichinyo Shonin, all Nichiren Shoshu believers worldwide are encouraged to chant 1 hour shodai daily for the month of July.

Let's pray for:
*Singapore’s Kosen Rufu
*World Peace

Kaimyo-in believers are welcome to join regular shodai sessions at the temple during the following timeslots, to fulfill their daily 1 hour shodai pledge:

  1. 30mins shodai after Morning Gongyo
  2. 30mins shodai before/after Evening Gongyo
  3. 1 hour afternoon shodai on Weekdays 2pm

Above-mentioned shodai sessions will continue to be live-streamed via Facebook.

Cancellation of the extra Kosenrufu chanting and Oko sessions

In view of the increasing number of Covid cases lately, as a precaution the following extra Kosen Rufu chanting and Oko sessions will be cancelled:
1 Jul (Fri) 7pm
2 Jul (Sat) 4pm
8 Jul (Fri) 7pm
9 Jul (Sat) 5pm
10 July (Sun) 3pm

Believers who have already registered via GoKaimyo may continue to come for evening gongyo on the above dates but NO Kosen Rufu chanting nor Oko ceremony will be conducted.

Both Kosen Rufu chanting and Oko ceremony will continue as usual ONLY on 3 Jul (Sun) 10am and 10 July (Sun) 10am respectively for 500 believers that register via GoKaimyo.

For those unable to attend in person they may join via YouTube live stream links to be shared later.