Past Announcement (26 Mar 2022)

Easing of Covid-19 safe management measures and expansion of Kaimyo-in seat capacity

Announcement on 26 Mar 2022:s

In view of the national easing of Covid-19 safe management measures as announced by the Singapore government on 24 March 2022, Kofuzan Kaimyo-in is happy to announce the concurrent easing of restrictions for our temple from 1 April 2022 (Friday), as follows:

1. Overall
Increase in seat capacity for daily morning/evening gongyo:

  • Monday to Thursday: 300 slots
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 400 slots
  • Resumption of Friday Chanting cum Evening Gongyo (7pm every Friday)

Registration and admission logistics:

  • Registration via GoKaimyo for ALL seats.
  • Believers will enter temple via front gate only, shoes to be stored on main shoe rack.
  • Vaccination differentiated safe management measures applies. Please refer to MOH guidelines point 4a- 4d for admission criteria.
  • All believers must put on masks upon entering temple indoor premises

For un-vaccinated believers:

  • Every Wed (2pm) shodai session will be reserved for un-vaccinated believers, 40 slots.
  • Vaccinated believers should NOT attend in order to give opportunity for non-vaccinated believers to have an audience with Joju Gohonzon.

2. Ceremonies
Seat capacity for general believers as follows:

  • Kosenrufu Shodai Ceremony (3 April @ 10am) : 360 seats
  • Oko Ceremony - Weekday (4 - 8 April @ 7pm) : 360 seats
  • Oko Ceremony - Saturday (9 April @ 5pm) : 360 seats
  • Oko Ceremony - Sunday (10 April @ 10am) : 340 seats
  • Introduction Meeting (16 Apr @ 3pm) : 360 seats
  • Risshu-e Ceremony (28 Apr @ 7pm) : 360 seats

Registration via GoKaimyo for ALL seats.

3. Daily Gongyo and Shodai Livestreaming
End April onwards: Facebook live streaming will be restricted to Kaimyo-in believers only. Non Kaimyo-in believers will be removed from Facebook group.


It has been two years since we commenced safe distancing measures in our temple, to protect the health and well-being of our believers. Kofuzan Kaimyo-in would like to express our sincere appreciation to all believers, for your kind understanding and support throughout this difficult time.

While we remain cautious in our re-opening, this is a truly joyful announcement that many believers have been yearning for. Let us cherish this opportunity to gather before the Joju Gohonzon, and pray together as one Kaimyo community!

Believers who are interested to attend ceremony/gongyo in person may register via GoKaimyo seat booking platform:

For believers who are unable to secure a seat, you are warmly encouraged to continue joining Gongyo and Shodaikai via Facebook livestream.

Detailed breakdown of livestream schedule can be found here.