Online seat registration for 15th anniversary of the establishment of Kofuzan Kaimyo-in

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15th Anniversary of the Establishment of Kofuzan Kaimyo-in

Online seat registration for commemorative ceremonies will commence on 12 June at 12pm! Registration will end once all seats have been taken up.

Session 1 (Commemorative Ceremony cum Leaders Appointment Ceremony)
Date: 16 July 2023 (Sun)
Time: 10am
Venue: Kaimyo-in

Session 2 (Commemorative Ceremony)
Date: 16 July 2023 (Sun)
Time: 2pm
Venue: Kaimyo-in

Frequently Asked Questions

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I am an IC and have been informed to attend Session 1 (Appointment Ceremony) at 10am. Do I still need to register for a seat via GoKaimyo?

No, you do not have to register via GoKaimyo. Seats have already been pre-allocated for ICs. Kindly refrain from booking a seat via GoKaimyo again, to avoid taking up seats designated for general believers.

I am a general believer, is there any allocation for which session I may attend?

General believers are welcome to register for either Session 1 (10am) or Session 2 (2pm), according to your individual preference. Registration will end when all seats are taken up.

Can I book a session first, and change to a different session later should there be changes to my schedule?

As GoKaimyo currently does not support the cancellation/rebooking of seats, you are strongly encouraged to book a seat only when you have confirmed that you are able to attend the ceremony.

Kindly avoid booking multiple seats as this will prevent other believers from having an opportunity to attend the ceremony.

I'd like to bring a non-believer friend to attend the commemorative ceremony. May I register a seat for him/her on GoKaimyo?

Both ceremony sessions are strictly restricted to Kaimyo-in believers. Kindly refrain from booking seats for non-believers.

You are warmly welcome to bring your non-believers friends to other regular Kaimyo-in activities instead.

15th Anniversary of the Establishment of Kofuzan Kaimyo-in

Commemorative ceremonies open for registration from 12 June!

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