Gosho Passage August 2020 / 2020 年 8月御书文段

Nichiren Daishonin states in “On Practicing According to the Buddha’s Teachings”:
The fifth Five-hundred-year Period, which corresponds to the beginning of the Latter Day of the Law, is the time when the pure and perfect teaching of the single truth of the Lotus Sutra is to be propagated throughout the world. [As precisely predicted by the Buddha], this is the age of conflict, when the pure Law will become obscured and lost, and the Lotus Sutra and pre-Lotus Sutra teachings are confused. When there are enemies, you should take up a sword, stave, and bows and arrows. When there are no enemies, you do not need such weapons. In the present time of the Latter Day of the Law, the pre-Lotus Sutra teachings are the enemies of the Lotus Sutra. When the teaching of the one vehicle of Buddhahood is spread, all the pre-Lotus Sutra teachings become its enemies. When the Lotus Sutra and pre-Lotus Sutra teachings are confused, you first should refute the pre-Lotus Sutra teachings using the true Mahayana. Of the two practices of shoju and shakubuku, this is called shakubuku, based on the Lotus Sutra.

宗祖日莲大 圣 人于《如说修行抄》曰:
末法始之五百岁唯 纯 圆 一实之法华经 广 宣 流布之时也。佛定此时为斗诤坚固、白法隐没,权实杂乱之际也。有敌时应持刀杖弓箭,无敌时弓箭兵 杖 何用。今时权教即 成 实教之敌。一 乘 流布时代权教成敌。混淆不清应由实教责之。於摄折之修行 中 谓此乃法华折伏也。

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