Gosho Passage for May 2021 / 2021年5月御书文段

Nichiren Daishonin states in “Letter to Oto-gozen”:
The Great Teacher Miaole stated: “The more resolute one’s faith, the stronger the gods’ protection.” When people uphold solid faith, they definitely will receive the powerful protection of the gods. I am saying this for your sake. I cannot praise you enough for the faith that you have maintained. Now you must strengthen it ever more. Be convinced that the Ten Demon Goddess Daughters will then provide you increasingly powerful protection. You will not need to look for any other examples.

妙乐大师云:『必假心固,神守则强 』等云云。人心若坚固,神之守护必强。此乃为汝所云也。迄今之心志道之不尽,应愈益强盛心志。当思其时十罗刹女之守护亦更强。不须引他例。

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