Past Announcement (24 May 2022)

Revision of Evening Gongyo Timings from June 2022

Announcement on 24 May 2022

In view of the re-opening of Kaimyo-in for in-person activities at the temple, believers should note the revised timings of Evening Gongyo as follows:

From June 2022,

Monday to Thursday
- 6.30pm to 7pm: 30 mins Shodai
- 7pm: Evening Gongyo

- 6.30pm - 7.30pm: 1hr Shodai
- 7.30pm: Evening Gongyo

*Except when there is Hokkekko Leaders Meeting on Friday:
- 6pm to 7pm: 1hr Shodai
- 7pm: Evening Gongyo

- 5pm: Evening Gongyo cum 30mins Shodai

Sunday & Public Holidays
- 3pm: Evening Gongyo cum 30mins Shodai

Believers who are interested to attend gongyo in-person may register for a seat via GoKaimyo seat booking platform: