Past Announcement (08 August 2021)

Kaimyo-in to reopen from 16 Aug to fully vaccinated believers only

Announcement on 08 August 2021
(updated as of 16 Aug to include vaccination status new verification method )

  1. Guidelines for Admission to Kaimyo-in

In response to the latest guidelines dated 6 Aug 2021 from MOH, Kaimyo-in will re-open from 16 August (Monday) to FULLY VACCINATED believers only.

IMPORTANT: How to show fully vaccinated status*?

Before entering temple you need to show your vaccination status via the following means:

i) Show vaccination status on TraceTogether app


ii) Verify vaccination status via TraceTogether token (Believers no longer need to bring along manual certificate to prove vaccination status)

Admission to temple will be rejected without either of the above proof

A person will be considered fully vaccinated two weeks after he or she has received the full regimen of Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna or any WHO-approved vaccines.

As children aged 12 years and below are unvaccinated, they are allowed into each gongyo/ceremony session provided they do not exceed 20% of total number of believers on-site. Families with children may go through your Zone ICs to check on slot availability for your children.

2. Capacity Limits

From 16 Aug (Mon) to 22 Aug (Sun) Urabon-e Ceremony:

  • Attendees: Max 50 believers (fully vaccinated) for each of the 22 sessions
  • How to apply:
    All believers including children to apply through Zone directly

From 23 Aug onwards:

  • Attendees: Limit to 150 (fully vaccinated) only
  • How to apply:

3.  Memorial Ceremony Toba Applications

September Higan-e Ceremony

a) 20 Sep (Mon) till 24 Sep (Fri)
7pm - Evening Gongyo cum Higan-e

b) 25 Sep (Sat)
2pm – Higan-e
5pm – Evening Gongyo cum Higan-e

c) 26 Sep (Sun)
1pm –  Higan-e
3pm – Evening Gongyo cum Higan-e

Total 9 sessions
Deadline for application is 12 Sep (Sun)

3rd Year Memorial Ceremony for 67th High Priest Nikken Shonin

Date: 19 Sep (Sun)
Time: 3pm (Evening gongyo cum Memorial Ceremony)
Deadline for Application: 12 Sep (Sun)

For believers who are unable to secure a seat, you are warmly encouraged to continue joining Gongyo and Shodaikai via Facebook livestream.

Detailed breakdown of livestream schedule can be found here.