Past Announcement (12 June 2021)

Kaimyo-in to reopen from 14 June to 5 pax per zone for each Gongyo and Shodaikai

Announcement on 12 June 2021:

We are reopening Kaimyo-in from 14 June 2021, while complying with government guidelines on Covid-19 safe distancing measures.

During this period, believers visiting Kaimyo-in are to observe the following rules:

  1. Only 5 persons are allowed from each zone to join morning and evening Gongyo, and 2pm Shodaikai
  2. Gojukai and Gohonzon bestowal ceremonies can be conducted only during morning and evening Gongyo, and 2pm Shodaikai
  3. Due to the tighter measures, anyone who wishes to receive Gojukai during morning and evening Gongyo or 2pm Shodaikai, will be included in the 5-person limit allocated for each zone
  4. Believers who have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 or notified by MOH of a contact tracing will not be allowed to visit the temple for 14 days
  5. Receptionists and cleaners are allowed to volunteer at temple only if they have completed their vaccinations

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.