Past Announcement (27 June 2021)

Guidelines for Kaimyo-in online and in-person activities for July 2021

Announcement on 27 June 2021:

Activities in July


  1. In July, all Nichiren Shoshu Priests and Believers will chant one hour Shodai daily to pray for the achievement of Kosenrufu and Shakubuku pledge in 2021. Kaimyo-in will continue to have 30 minutes of Shodai in the morning and evening Gongyo, and 1 hour of Shodai afternoon sessions
  2. If anyone has received MOH notification to go for Covid-19 swab test due to suspected ongoing virus transmission, such believers are NOT allowed to visit Kaimyoin for 14 days from the day of their Covid-19 swab test regardless of the swab test results (positive or negative). For example, the recent Blk.115, 119 Bukit Merah View or the 7 blocks in Redhill clusters
  3. Similarly, any believer who has been notified by MOH that they are suspected of being in close contact with a Covid-19 patient will not be allowed to visit the temple for 14 days from the date of the notification

Kaimyo-in Activities (Online)

  1. Gongyo will be on FB live stream
  2. Kosenrufu Shodaikai will be held on 4 July (Sun) at 10am on ZOOM for general believers
  3. Okyobi Ceremony cum Evening Gongyo will be held on 4 July Sunday at 3pm on ZOOM
  4. Oko Ceremony will be held on 11 July (Sun) at 10am on ZOOM for general believers
  5. The 1-hour Shodai will continue to be streamed daily on FB Live Stream from:
     • 2pm-3pm on Mon-Fri
     • 3pm-4pm on Saturdays
     • 1pm-2pm on Sundays & Public Holidays

Kaimyo-in Activities (In-Person)

  1. During non-Gongyo hours , Kaimyoin will be open from:
    • 9am-5pm on Mon-Fri
    • 10am-5pm on Saturdays
    • 10am-3pm on Sundays & Public Holidays
    a. Toba and Gokuyo application will be allowed at the reception
    b. At any time only up to 5 people are allowed to enter
    c. Application of Urabon-e Toba is open till 1 Aug 2021
  2. Gojukai and Gohonzon bestowal ceremony will only be conducted during morning/evening Gongyo (Mon-Sun) and 2pm Shodai (Mon-Fri) sessions only
    a.  Only 5 persons are allowed from each zone to join morning and evening   gongyo, and 2pm Shodaikai
    b. Due to the tighter measures, anyone who wishes to receive Gojukai during      morning and evening Gongyo or 2pm Shodaikai, will be included in the   5-person limit allocated for each zone