Latest Announcement

From 15 Nov (Monday) onwards, number of seats for Morning and Evening Gongyo to increase from 50 to 100

Latest Announcement

Announcement on 12 November 2021:

Good evening believers,

From 15 November onwards, the number of seats to attend Morning and Evening Gongyo at Kaimyo-in will be increased from 50 to 100 seats. Believers will be able to register for a seat on the GoKaimyo online booking platform 48 hours before the Morning or Evening Gongyo date that he/she wishes to attend.

Thank you.

Believers who are interested to attend ceremony/gongyo in person may register via GoKaimyo seat booking platform:

For believers who are unable to secure a seat, you are warmly encouraged to continue joining Gongyo and Shodaikai via Facebook livestream.

Detailed breakdown of livestream schedule can be found here.