Upcoming Division Activities

Upcoming Division Activities

Exciting and insightful activities conducted by various divisions in Kaimyo-in

Many exciting and insightful activities are sincerely organised and put together by various Kaimyo-in divisions on a regular basis. These include the Senior, Men, Women, Young Parents, Youth and Children Divisions, with content specially tailored to the respective age and demographic groups.

Senior Division Activity

Date: 23 June 2024 (Sun)
Time: 10 am to 12pm
Venue: Kaimyo-in Level 3

Men's Division Activity

Stay tuned for the next Men's Division Activity in September.

Women's Division Activity

Stay tuned for the next Women's Division Activity in August.

Young Parents' Activity

Stay tuned for the next Young Parents' Activity in August.

Youth Division Activity

Date: 23 June 2024 (Sun)
Time: 8am to 4pm
Venue: Kaimyo-in Level 2

The youth division will be having a kenshu on 23 June, Sunday from 8am to 4pm.

During the kenshu, we will learn about the spirit of "Single-mindedly yearning to see the Buddha, they do not begrudge their lives (Isshin Yokkenbutsu Fujishaku Shinmyo)".

We welcome all youth, 13 years and above to join us at the kenshu.

Please register using the QR code on the poster above or at https://tinyurl.com/juneminikenshu.

See you!

Children's Division Activity

Date: 15 & 16 June 2024 (Sat & Sun)

Special shoutout to all Youths of Kaimyo-in

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