Parents’ Day at Leng Kee  Community Club -        Conveying Love and Gratitude through Music

Parents’ Day at Leng Kee Community Club - Conveying Love and Gratitude through Music

Celebrating parents’ profound love and dedication for their children

On June 24, 2023, Leng Kee Community Club (CC) celebrated Parents' Day with brimming smiles, music, and delicious food. The heartwarming dinner, organised by Leng Kee CC, paid tribute to both parents and grandparents. It was a joyous occasion with everyone coming together to express their love and gratitude for our parents' selfless love and sacrifice.

The celebration's highlights included the charming ensemble of 11 performers from the NSBA's ukulele cultural team. Having formed 7 years ago, the Leng Kee performance marked another remarkable milestone in the ukelele group's many other engagements, including National Day dinner events.

The team presented well-loved classics - "我只在乎你" (I only care for you), "海阔天空" (Boundless oceans, vast skies), and "爱很简单” (Love is simple). The sing-along classics resonated with the hearts of the guests, celebrating the profound love and dedication that parents give to their children.

“The mesmerizing melodies and the exceptional skills of the NSBA performers created an atmosphere of joy and cultural appreciation. Each participant's heartfelt dedication made it a truly memorable experience.”
– Francis Foo, Leng Kee CC

As the Celebration Dinner ended for the night, the audience left with hearts filled with joy. It was a night to remember, honoring a pillar of every family - the parents.

“I am really very happy and fortunate to be part of the Ukulele team representing Kaimyo-in during the performance at Leng Kee CC. Our aim and mission is to reach out to more people and spread awareness about Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism far and wide. This is our commitment to kosen-rufu and shakubuku. I eagerly look forward to more performances.”
- John Foo, Ukulele Performer

Many exciting community outreach activities are in the pipeline. Do stay tuned and check out our website to find out more!

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