Community in Bloom Awards 2021

Community in Bloom Awards 2021

Recognised by the National Parks Board for our gardening efforts, NSBA was honoured to be commended at the Community in Bloom Awards 2021

Organised by the National Parks Board (NParks), the Community in Bloom programme aims to foster a love for gardening and stewardship of greenery, by bringing together residents young and old to build community bonds and social resilience in Singapore, our City in Nature.

As an avid supporter of this meaningful initiative, we are pleased to be awarded the Platinum Achievement Band once again, which makes it a third consecutive time since our Kaimyo-in Garden has been recognised by the NParks for excellence in our gardening efforts.

In conjunction with the above, we are also honoured to receive the Diamond Award and Outstanding Ornamental Garden Special Achievement Ribbon.

Details of the awards can be found in the NParks Community in Bloom 2021 Results Dossier.

Please join us in celebrating this wonderful achievement, as we continue to strive towards enhancing the greenery of our beautiful City in Nature, Singapore!

"Our beautiful Kaimyo-in garden provides a form of connection with Singaporeans. The Buddhist sutras teaches that even if a person simply passes by a temple that allows one to practise the True Law, he or she will receive wonderful benefits.

Therefore, by stepping into and admiring our beautiful garden, this will be their chance to meet Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism one day."

Chief Priest, Reverend Shingaku Kato

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