Doubling our reach to Macpherson residents-in-need

Doubling our reach to Macpherson residents-in-need

First in a series of commemorative activities planned in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Kofuzan Kaimyo-in

30th April 2023 – Perhaps another ordinary Sunday for most of us, however it was not the case for 114 believers from Kofuzan Kaimyo-in temple. On this special day, 114 believers made extra effort to be up early to volunteer as support staff in helping out with the distribution of food and necessities, to MacPherson residents-in-need.

Chief Priest Reverend Shingaku Kato kickstarted the distribution exercise by leading all support staff on a short prayer for the success of the event, and gave a guidance on how the practice of giving not only brighten others’ lives, but also one’s own life. He cited an example where if we are to light up a path for someone in the dark, we are also inadvertently lighting up the path for ourselves.

Support staff preparing to set off for a meaningful day ahead

This is the second year where Kaimyo-in is organising a distribution exercise in Macpherson SMC, and the scale of the exercise has grown from strength to strength.

From an initial scale of 50 families benefiting from our inaugural distribution exercise in 2022, we have since doubled the beneficiaries to 100 families, with over 600 kilograms of rations distributed in the recent exercise. Co-ordination from buying, to packing the rations and to arranging the logistics was definitely a bigger challenge, but was made possible by all the active volunteers from the temple.

Over 80 youth believers supporting in the pre-packing of 600kg of rations

This distribution exercise also marks the first in a series of commemorative activities planned in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Kofuzan Kaimyo-in. Our sincere gratitude goes out to Ms Tin Pei Ling, Member of Parliament for Macpherson SMC, for joining us in this meaningful activity amidst her busy schedule.

Ms Tin Pei Ling, MP for the Macpherson SMC, joining our volunteers in the distribution exercise

The distribution exercise went very well, and while it was tough, the happy faces of residents receiving the goodie bags made our effort all worthwhile.

We aspire to continue organising such community outreach events in the months to come, making it a part of Kaimyo-in’s culture of caring and supporting the community that is around us.

Many exciting community outreach activities are in the pipeline. Do stay tuned and check out our website to find out more!

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