Importance of Tozan

In Nichiren Shoshu, the “source” of faith and benefit is to be found at the Head Temple, Taisekiji, hence making a tozan pilgrimage to the Head Temple a fundamental practice. Since ancient times tozan included enduring many hardships, and took many days of travel....

Importance of Tozan

Tozan is the pilgrimage to Taisekiji, the Head Temple of Nichiren Shoshu at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan.

On October 12, 1279, the Daishonin inscribed the Dai-Gohonzon of the High Sanctuary, the very entity of his enlightened life, as the object of worship for all living beings in the Latter Day of the Law. The Dai-Gohonzon has been solemnly protected at Taisekiji for over 750 years.

We make the pilgrimage to Taisekiji, single-mindedly yearning to see the Dai-Gohonzon of the High Sanctuary and the current High Priest Nichinyo Shonin, who is the legitimate successor to Nichiren Daishonin. Herein lies the true significance of tozan.

The Twenty-sixth High Priest Nichikan Shonin said this about its immeasurable benefits: "This Gohonzon bestows limitless, infinite benefit, and its unfathomable workings are vastly profound. Therefore, if you chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo with faith in this Gohonzon for even a short while, there is no prayer that will not be answered, no evil that will not be eradicated, no blessing that will not be bestowed, and no reason that will not become clear."

It is said that even our lives can be prolonged if we pray earnestly, always keeping in our hearts the yearning to see the Dai-Gohonzon. Therefore, at any possible opportunity we should make a pilgrimage to the Head Temple, where the Dai-Gohonzon is enshrined.

In Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, the "source" of faith and benefit is to be found at the Head Temple, Taisekiji, and this is the reason tozan to the Head Temple is a fundamental practice in true Buddhism.


Only Nichiren Shoshu believers are permitted to participate in the Gokaihi Ceremony due to the great mercy of the High Priest, for the sake of pure-minded believers who greatly yearn for the Dai-Gohonzon. We will receive immense benefits through offering our sincere prayers to the Dai-Gohonzon of the High Sanctuary with the High Priest.


At the Head Temple, Ushitora Gongyo, a great tradition which has continued for more than 750 years, is held at the Reception Hall.

Ushitora Gongyo possesses profound significance and immeasurable benefit. When we participate in Ushitora Gongyo, it is important to have an attitude of appreciation to be given the opportunity to accompany the High Priest.


Since ancient times tozan included enduring many hardships, and took many days of travel. In those days, rebels, bandits and pirates roamed freely, and one made this journey at the risk of one’s life. Today, we do our tozans amidst all the organized arrangements of transportation, accommodation, and meals. But in spite of this, we must engrave in our hearts the spirit of tozan from ancient times.

Everything we do while at Taisekiji including Gongyo at the Head Temple, Gokuyo, meals, the cleaning of the lodging temples, going to sleep, and so on, becomes part of our training in Buddhist practice.

Application is open to Kaimyo-in believers only

Watch this space as we reveal further details on tozan applications!