Past Announcement (15 October 2022)

Cessation of GoKaimyo registration and vax-differentiated safe management measures

Announcement on 15 October 2022

Dear believers,

Based on MCCY’s guidelines for religious activities issued on 10 Oct 2022, vaccination differentiation safe management measures can now be fully lifted.

In view of the above, Kaimyo-in will adopt the following from effect 17 Oct 2022,

  • Registration for in-person temple activities through Go Kaimyo is no longer required.
  • This also means that there is no longer a 500 pax capacity limit for activities. All believers are encouraged to visit Kaimyo-in often to participate in activities.
  • Facebook live-streaming for daily gongyo and 2pm Shodai will continue. Live-streaming for all other temple activities will cease
  • We encourage all our believers to continue to exercise responsibility in large gatherings. Believers are advised to continue wearing masks when attending activities in Kaimyo-in.

Kaimyo-in would like to thank all our believers for their cooperation and support in observing the constantly evolving guidelines over the past 3 years. We will provide further updates should there be any changes in government guidelines.

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