FAQ on 2023 Commemorative Tozan

FAQ on 2023 Commemorative Tozan

Answers to your frequently asked questions at a glance

A. Scope of Attendance

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Q1: It has been a long time since I visited Japan. Can I extend my stay before/after the Commemorative Tozan for leisure purposes?

As attendees will be participating in the Tozan as a Group representing Kofuzan Kaimyo-in / Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Association (Singapore), your safety is of utmost importance to us.

It is also said that a Tozan starts at the point of one’s sansho before the Gohonzon, and ends only upon one’s arrival back home before the Gohonzon.

It is therefore a manner of practice for us, to travel together as one group alongside other Kaimyo-in Hokkeko believers, so that we can start and end our Tozan together, and also ensure that we do not cause any challenges for the Head Temple, in the event we are to meet into any unexpected incidents during personal extension of stays.

Extension of stays are therefore not permitted. Should you wish to visit Japan for leisure purposes, you may do so as a separate trip, at your own time.

Q2: I am a Kaimyo-in believer living overseas (for work or studies). Am I allowed to join this Commemorative Tozan?

Yes, you can apply for the Commemorative Tozan through your respective zone, if you are a registered Kaimyo-in believer. You will need to book your own air ticket, make your necessary visa applications, and arrive at Japan airport, before the Singapore group’s arrival time. Upon meeting the Singapore group at the airport, it is then mandatory for you to follow the Singapore group’s land transport and hotel stay arrangements, until the Tozan departure date.

For Kaimyo-in believers who are residing overseas and holding temporary believership via other overseas temple, you should register for the Commemorative Tozan via your overseas temple.

Q3: I am a Kaimyo-in believer, but I am not a Singapore Citizen. Will there be any visa arrangements made for me to enter Japan?

As we are unable to make the arrangements for you, please check on the visa requirements necessary for your entry into Japan, and ensure that you make all the necessary applications to have the visa documents ready, ahead of your Tozan departure date.

You may visit the Embassy of Japan’s webpage, to find out more on the visa application self-serve process.

Q4: Is there any age limitation / restriction to attend Commemorative Tozan?

There is no age limit. But as this is a group Tozan requiring participants to move together as a group, believers who are not in good health or have difficulty moving about independently should consider Personal Tozan instead.

Q5: Can believers attend the Commemorative Tozan twice?

Zone Chiefs and Zone Tozan ICs are strongly encouraged to ensure their respective zone’s slots are fairly allocated, to allow equal opportunities for all believers to attend at least once. This will also enable Kaimyo-in to achieve our pledge for 800 Kaimyo-in believers to attend the Tozan, to repay our collective gratitude to Dai Gohonzon.

In the event there are balance slots due to unforeseen circumstances at the last minute, interested believers may opt to attend the Commemorative Tozan twice.

Q6: I would like to register for the Tozan but my Zone Tozan IC informed me that all seats for our zone has been taken up. What should I do?

The allocation of seats per Zone is intended to allow all Kaimyo-in believers a fair chance to obtain a seat to attend. Should your zone's allocated seats be fully taken up during the initial registration, fret not. Check with your Zone IC whether you can be placed on the waiting list, so that you may take up any potential unutilised seats from other Zones.

Q7: I am a NOT a Nichiren Shoshu believer and I’d like to register for the Tozan. How can I do so?

Tozan application is strictly limited to Nichiren Shoshu believers only.

As a starting point, we sincerely welcome you to visit Kaimyo-in and find out more about our faith by tapping on this link.

Q8: I am a Nichiren Shoshu believer registered under an overseas temple (not Kaimyo-in). How can I register for the Tozan?

Group Tozans organised by Kaimyo-in are strictly for Kaimyo-in believers only. Should you be keen to participate in the 800th Anniversary Tozan, do reach out to your local temple to find out more.

Q9: Can I go on Personal Tozan in 2023, instead of the Commemorative Group Tozans?

While believers with health or mobility difficulties are encouraged to attend Personal Tozan, those who are well and able are strongly encouraged to participate in the Group Tozan, given its deep significance and rare opportunity to do so.

Moreover, by participating in the Commemorative Tozan, you will contribute towards Kaimyo-in’s collective pledge of having 800 believers attend the Commemorative Tozan, to repay our debt of gratitude to the Dai Gohonzon. As Personal Tozan is not organised in the capacity of the Commemorative Tozan, all Personal Tozan attendance will not be considered towards the pledge.

We, therefore, strongly encourage everyone to take action, by signing up for the Commemorative Tozan!

B. Budget Estimate Guidelines

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Q10: I'd like to register for the Tozan but I am worried about the costs. How much budget should I prepare?

As the Commemorative Tozan takes place across 10 months in 2023, the cost will vary according to the peak seasons of Japan holidays. You should set aside an estimated budget of S$2,500*- S$2,800* per adult for air fare, insurance & land charges (*excluding Gokuyo and personal expenses)

Q11: I am intending to bring my child for the May/June Commemorative Tozan. What is the expected child air fare and hotel rates, given this is during the peak school holidays period?

a. For children aged 2 to 12 years old:

Air ticket varies from month to month . For budgeting purpose, you can use the average of an adult ticket of S$1,450:

· For Japan Airlines (JAL) & All Nippon Airways (ANA), the estimated child fare would be 75% of the adult airfare.

· For Singapore Airlines (SQ), the estimated child fare would be 85% of the adult airfare.

In summary, depending on carrier, a child’s air fare is likely to range from S$1,205 to S$1,330.

b. For Infants not occupying seat (less than 24 months old):

Infant fare ranges from $106 to $120.

Bassinet request is on a first-come-first-served basis in view of limited quantities on each flight, and can only accommodate a maximum weight of 10 to 14kg*, depending on airlines.

Infants that may not meet, or exceed the maximum bassinet weight limits, can choose to purchase a seat at the child fare rate.

*ANA maximum weight 10kg. SQ maximum weight 14kg. JAL maximum weight 10.5kg

c. Children hotel room rates

Primary and secondary school students are considered adults, and adult room rates will apply.

Co-sleeping kindergarten child (child occupying same bed with adult) is free of charge.

Schedule and overall Kaimyo-in seat capacity for 10 Commemorative Group Tozans across 2023

2023 Group Tozan application is open

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