Upcoming Introduction Meeting

Upcoming Introduction Meeting

Curious to learn about Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism? Join us for our monthly introduction meetings to find out more.

No introduction meeting for the month of May. Stay tuned for the next meeting coming up in July!

Curious to find out more about Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism?

Join us for our monthly introduction meetings, where Chief Priest Reverend Shingaku Kato will bring everyone through meaningful Buddhism concepts relating to our daily life, as well as an introduction to Kaimyo-in and our Head Temple Taisekiji.

All believers, whether existing, new or encountering our faith for the first time, are welcome to join!

There are three essential points in the practice of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism – ‘faith’, ‘practice’ and ‘study’.

  • The first point of ‘faith’ involves placing absolute trust in the Gohonzon
  • The second point of ‘practice’ refers to doing morning and evening Gongyo (recitation of Lotus Sutra) everyday to the Gohonzon sincerely and chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo in order to purify one’s life
  • The third point of ‘study’ means to study the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin correctly based on the heritage of the Law by the successive High Priests

The fulfillment of the above three noble points of practice, without doubt, assures the realisation of an individual’s wishes as well as promises of his or her family’s happiness and prosperity in the two existences of present and future.

By attending ceremonies and meetings in Kaimyo-in, you can practise together with priests and many other believers, and you can learn more about True Buddhism from the lectures and guidance of the Chief Priest.

Download PDF of Introduction to Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism 下载 日莲正宗佛法介绍

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