Photo by Andrew Moca / Unsplash

Shakubuku Day - 28 July 2024

On 28 July 2024, Kaimyo-in will be planning a series of faith and Buddhism learning activities for all that visits the temple on that day!

For Kaimyo-in believers, we would have a 6 hour marathon chanting session to pray for the success of our Shakubuku Day. Join our priesthood and leaders to chant in unison towards our Joju Gohonzon! There will also a series of home visits happening throughout the day. To find out how you can get involve, get in touch with your leader!

For guests visiting our Kaimyo-in, we would also have short Buddhism introduction sessions conducted by our priesthood at 11am and 1pm! There will also be an in depth sharing on the subject of Karma during the Introduction to Buddhism meeting planned for 3pm on the same day. Throughout the day, there will also be Buddhism related exhibits that one can browse and read up upon at various corners of our temple.

So mark the date, and join us on 28 July for a meaningful day to find out more about Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism!

New to Nichiren Shoshu and interested to find out more about our faith? Do reach out to us here so we can assist you directly!

Download PDF of Introduction to Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism 下载 日莲正宗佛法介绍