Gosho Passage – May 2012 拜读御书 2012年5月

29 Apr

Nichiren Daishonin states in “The Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra”: About the character “myo”, the Lotus Sutra says, “This sutra opens the door of expedient teachings and reveals the true aspect of reality.”

The Great Teacher Zhang-an comments on this as follows: “Myo means to reveal the depths of the secret storehouse.”

And the Great Teacher Miao-lo says of this, “To reveal means to open.”

Hence the character myo means to open. If there is a storehouse full of treasures but no key, then it cannot be opened, and if it cannot be opened, then the treasures cannot be seen.

章安大师解释:“发秘密之奥藏, 称之为妙”。
因此, 妙即是开。世间积财之藏,无钥匙则难开之,不开则不见藏内之财

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