Gosho Passage – March 2012 拜读御书 2012年3月

05 Mar

Nichiren Daishonin states in “The Essence of the Yakuo Chapter”: The Kegon and the other various sutras are like stars in this dark night, while the Lotus Sutra is like the moon in this night. For those who have faith in the Lotus Sutra but whose faith is not deep, it is as though a half moon were illuminating that dark night. But for those who have profound faith, it is as though a full moon were illuminating the night.

宗祖日莲大圣人于“药王品得意抄”曰: 华严经等之一切经,如闇夜之星,法华经如闇夜之月。虽信法华经,然不深信者,如半月之照闇夜。若深信者,如满月之照闇夜。

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