Gosho Passage Feb 2021 / 2021年2月御书文段

01 Feb

Nichiren Daishonin states in “Letter to Niike”:
When people first begin to believe in this sutra, they appear to be sincere in their faith. However, midway through their practice, many weaken in their faith and no longer serve or respect the priest or present offerings. They arrogantly form their own distorted views. We must fear this. It is most frightening. From beginning to end, be persistent in cultivating faith throughout your life. If not, you will have regrets. For instance, it takes twelve days to travel from Kamakura to Kyoto. If you journey for approximately eleven days and stop a day away from your destination, how can you possibly admire the moon over the capital?

始信此经时,人皆见似有信心,中途信心渐弱,不恭敬僧,亦不供养,自满生恶见。可畏,可惧。自始至终当弥致信心,否则后悔矣。譬如自镰仓至京十二日路 程也。步行十一日馀,今差一日止步不前,何以吟咏都城之月。

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