Chingay SG50: “Tree of Hope”

TreeOfHope.2We took the initiative to participate in Chingay 2015 celebrating Singapore’s 50 Anniversary as part of Community Engagement Programme (CEP) when we first learnt about it in September 2014. Our participation involved building up one tree out of 149 other trees which included the Community Trees, Artist Trees and Giant Trees. Our objective for taking up this project was to build awareness and existence of Nichiren Shoshu amongst people in Singapore. It could also help to inject further itai doshin amongst our believers and was another avenue to reach out to non-believers to pay a visit to our temple. In the process of making the flowers for the ‘Tree of Hope’ , we collected more than 1000 plastic bottles contributed by our believers, and spent two months from planning to execution and completion of the whole project. Since this was our first participation in a nation-wide Chingay event, it was heart-warming to receive more than 70 believers’ and non-believers’ enthusiastic response and participation. We used around 730 plastic bottles to turn our Tree alive. In this tree, we were required to fill up 180 light bulbs. Our design for each flower required four sets of petals (4 plastic bottles) to fit into one light bulb. Apart from flowers, we also added leaves, dangling décor like the pair of cranes to make our tree unique. Not only did we get the opportunity to be on show at Chingay SG50 grandest parade in the history of Singapore at Pit Building but, to our surprise, our tree had the honour to be on display along with the other 49 trees at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza (Orchard Road) for three days, 1-3 March. Our tree was not only well-positioned outside Ngee Ann City but also was able to receive a higher level of publicity – hence achieving our objective. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all supporters, helpers, contributors and core committee members for the success in the making of our ‘Tree of Hope’ for Singapore kosen-rufu.


妆艺大游行SG50(建国五十周年) – 我们一起为新加坡的广宣流布而制成的“希望之树”

当我们在2014年9月获知新加坡將主办建国50周年大庆典的消息时,我们便主动并积极地参与“妆艺2015”以庆祝建国50周年作为社区参与计划(CEP)的一部分。我们参与社区计划制造150棵用塑料瓶子作成的“希望之树”当中的1棵树,而其中就包括了社区树木,艺术家树木和参天大树。 我们承接这一项目的在于让更多国人认识并注意到日莲正宗佛教的存在,以便根植民间。此外,它不仅有助于促进信徒们之间的异体同心,也为非信徒会到开妙院结缘而多开辟了一条途径。 在为“希望之树” 制作花朵的过程中,我们从信徒手里收集到了1000多个塑料瓶子后,我们的工作人员花了两个月的时间去策划、执行一直到整个项目的工作完成为止。 因为这是我们第一次参与全国性的妆艺活动,能得到70位信徒和非信徒的热烈响应和参与,确实令人感动。 我们大概用了730个塑料瓶子来使我们的树变得活灵活现。此外,我们也必须替这棵树装上180个灯泡。我们设计的每一朵花需要有4组的花瓣(4个塑料瓶子)以便放入1个灯泡。除了花朵之外,我们还增添了叶子,並在上面悬挂了会摇晃的装饰物如一对仙鹤等,这么做可以使我们的树看起来更是独一无二。 在Pit大厦,我们不仅有机会参予这个在新加坡有史以来最盛大的妆艺SG50大游行,而且举办当局也带给我们一个惊喜,那就是我们所制作的这棵树很荣幸地被选中成为50棵精选树木之一,将被陈列在乌节路的义安城广场外边。从3月1日至3日,我们的树被摆在义安城外面的最佳位置,供人们观赏。然而,最振奋人心的好消息莫过于能从中获得更广泛的宣传 – 达到我们制作“希望之树”的最终目的。 在此,我们想借这个机会由衷地感谢所有支持我们的人士、义务人员、志愿者和核心委员会成员,你们为新加坡广宣流布的付出与贡献,成功地打造了我们的“希望之树”。