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Gosho Passage Mar 2021 / 2021年3月御书文段

Nichiren Daishonin states in “An Offering of Steamed Cakes”:
I have received your offerings of one hundred steamed cakes and a basket of fruit. New Year’s Day is the first day, the first month of a new year, and the beginning of the year and of spring. Therefore, those who cherish this day will amass virtues and will be loved by others, just as the moon becomes gradually full while travelling from west to east and the sun shines increasingly brighter as it moves from east to west.


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Gosho Passage Feb 2021 / 2021年2月御书文段

Nichiren Daishonin states in “Letter to Niike”:
When people first begin to believe in this sutra, they appear to be sincere in their faith. However, midway through their practice, many weaken in their faith and no longer serve or respect the priest or present offerings. They arrogantly form their own distorted views. We must fear this. It is most frightening. From beginning to end, be persistent in cultivating faith throughout your life. If not, you will have regrets. For instance, it takes twelve days to travel from Kamakura to Kyoto. If you journey for approximately eleven days and stop a day away from your destination, how can you possibly admire the moon over the capital?

始信此经时,人皆见似有信心,中途信心渐弱,不恭敬僧,亦不供养,自满生恶见。可畏,可惧。自始至终当弥致信心,否则后悔矣。譬如自镰仓至京十二日路 程也。步行十一日馀,今差一日止步不前,何以吟咏都城之月。

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Gosho Passage Jan 2021 / 2021年1月御书文段

Nichiren Daishonin states in “The Bodies and Minds of Ordinary Beings”:
One who presented a simple meal of millet to the Pratyekabuddha became the Universal Brightness Buddha (Fumyo nyorai). One who offered a mud pie to the Buddha became the sovereign of Jambudvipa. Even if a person performs good deeds, if these deeds are offered to that which is not true, they may bring forth great evil, but they will never produce any good effect. However, even if a person is unintelligent in mind and presents only paltry offerings, if he extends them to an individual who embraces the truth, he will receive tremendous merits. How much more so would be the merit of those who make sincere offerings to the true Law?!


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Gosho Passage Dec 2020 / 2020年12月御书文段

Nichiren Daishonin states in “Reply to Nichinyo gozen”:
This Gohonzon exists within faith alone, as expressed by the two characters, “belief” and “heart” (shin-jin). This is what is meant by “gaining entrance [to enlightenment] through faith alone” [in the Lotus Sutra]. The disciples and followers of Nichiren, without any doubt, wholeheartedly believe in “honestly discarding expedient means” and “not accepting a single verse of the other sutras.” Thus, they can enter the Treasure Tower of the Gohonzon. How encouraging, how heartening! By all means, exert your best efforts for the sake of your future lives. It is most important to chant only Nam-Myoho- Renge-Kyo and attain Buddhahood. This will depend on the strength of your faith. The essence of Buddhism is to have faith.

此御本尊亦只纳于信心二字。以信得入者是也。日莲之弟子檀那等,以“正直舍方 便”、“不受余经一偈”,无二信之故,得入此御本尊之宝塔中也。幸甚幸甚。无论如何后生必安稳,必安稳。诚惶诚恐。唯唱南无妙法莲华经而成佛之事尤为重 要。应依信心之厚薄也。佛法之根本以信为源。

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Gosho Passage Nov 2020 / 2020 年 11月御书文段

Nichiren Daishonin states in “On Persecutions Befalling the Buddha”:
The four kinds of punishment consist of the general and individual, and the conspicuous and inconspicuous. The great epidemics and national famines, the extensive uprisings, and the foreign invasion occurring in Japan are general punishment. Epidemics are also a form of inconspicuous punishment. [The deaths experienced by] Ota and the others represent conspicuous and individual punishment. Each one of you must summon up the spirit of the lion king and never cower to those who may threaten you in any way. The lion king is never intimidated by even a hundred beasts, and the same is true of its cubs. [Those who slander] are like howling jackals, while the followers of Nichiren are like roaring lions.

宗祖日莲大圣人于《圣 人御难事》曰:

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Gosho Passage Oct 2020 / 2020 年 10月御书文段

Nichiren Daishonin states in “Reply to Soya”:
Trying to attain enlightenment without admonishing slander of the Law is like seeking water in fire or fire in water. How useless! No matter how earnestly one upholds faith in the Lotus Sutra, a single act of slander will cause one to fall into hell without fail. It is like a single crab leg, which can ruin a thousand pots of lacquer. This is what is meant by, “The poison has penetrated deeply, causing them to lose their true mind.”


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Gosho Passage Sep 2020 / 2020 年 9月御书文段

Nichiren Daishonin states in “Rissho ankoku-ron”:
When I, with my limited knowledge, read the sutras, I find that all people have gone against the correct Law and become wholly devoted to evil doctrines. This is why all the guardian deities have abandoned this country and sages have left this land, and not to return. Seizing this opportunity, devils and demons rush in, bringing disasters and calamities. This is most fearful. We must speak out!


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Gosho Passage August 2020 / 2020 年 8月御书文段

Nichiren Daishonin states in “On Practicing According to the Buddha’s Teachings”:
The fifth Five-hundred-year Period, which corresponds to the beginning of the Latter Day of the Law, is the time when the pure and perfect teaching of the single truth of the Lotus Sutra is to be propagated throughout the world. [As precisely predicted by the Buddha], this is the age of conflict, when the pure Law will become obscured and lost, and the Lotus Sutra and pre-Lotus Sutra teachings are confused. When there are enemies, you should take up a sword, stave, and bows and arrows. When there are no enemies, you do not need such weapons. In the present time of the Latter Day of the Law, the pre-Lotus Sutra teachings are the enemies of the Lotus Sutra. When the teaching of the one vehicle of Buddhahood is spread, all the pre-Lotus Sutra teachings become its enemies. When the Lotus Sutra and pre-Lotus Sutra teachings are confused, you first should refute the pre-Lotus Sutra teachings using the true Mahayana. Of the two practices of shoju and shakubuku, this is called shakubuku, based on the Lotus Sutra.

宗祖日莲大 圣 人于《如说修行抄》曰:
末法始之五百岁唯 纯 圆 一实之法华经 广 宣 流布之时也。佛定此时为斗诤坚固、白法隐没,权实杂乱之际也。有敌时应持刀杖弓箭,无敌时弓箭兵 杖 何用。今时权教即 成 实教之敌。一 乘 流布时代权教成敌。混淆不清应由实教责之。於摄折之修行 中 谓此乃法华折伏也。

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Gosho Passage July 2020 / 2020 年 7月御书文段

Nichiren Daishonin states in “On the Transmission of the Three Great Secret Laws”:
There are two types of Daimoku: the Daimoku chanted during the Former and Middle Days of the Law, and the Daimoku to be chanted during the Latter Day of the Law. Although Bodhisattvas Vasubandhu and Nagarjuna themselves chanted the Daimoku during the Former Day of the Law, they did so to practise for themselves only. During the Middle Day of the Law, Nanyue, Tiantai, and others did chant the Daimoku; however, they did it only for the sake of their own practice and not for teaching others. This type of Daimoku was practised [in order to observe one’s mind] based on the theory [elucidated in the surface meaning of the words]. Now, in the Latter Day of the Law, the Daimoku that Nichiren chants is different from that of previous ages. It is the Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo of the practice for oneself, and the practice for others.

宗祖日莲大圣人于《三大秘法禀 承事》曰:
题目有二意,所谓 正 像 与末法也。 正 法时,天亲菩萨、龙树菩萨虽 唱 题目,但仅止于自行。 像 法时,南岳、天台等 唱 南无 妙 法 莲 华经,乃为自行不为化他广 说。是理行之题目也。入末法,今日莲所 唱之题目异于前代,乃亘及自行化他之南无妙法莲华经也。

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Gosho Passage June 2020 / 2020 年 6月御书文段

Nichiren Daishonin states in “Letter to Ni’ike”

It is said that the Kankucho bird in the Snow Mountains suffers from the cold at night and cries out it will build a nest after dawn. But when the sun rises, it is lulled to sleep in the warmth of the morning sun, and again, does not build its nest. For its whole life, it keeps screeching in vain. The same applies to humans. Upon falling into hell, we suffer in anguish in raging fires, yearning to be reborn as a human so that we can make offerings to the three treasures before everything else and attain enlightenment in the future. However, when we happen to be reborn as a human, the wind of desire for fame and fortune blows fiercely, easily extinguishing our light of determination for Buddhist practice.

宗祖日莲大 圣 人于《新池御书》曰:


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