2017 年 Women’s Division Kenshu 妇人部研修会


Women’s Division Kenshu was held on Sunday, 17 December 2017. Two months before the event, members of the planning team met weekly on Monday nights to brainstorm with sincere Daimoku.

On the day of the Kenshu, believers and friends entered the main door of Kaimyo-in Temple filled with anticipation. A small group of women played the ukulele and were singing songs to welcome the guests. After registering, the attendees went upstairs for the Daimoku chanting session.

At 1.00pm, Chief Priest Reverend Shotsu Nomura led short Gongyo and Daimoku chanting before handing over to emcees, Chiam Soon Lin and Joanne Tang.

A short video depicting how people can enjoy momentary happiness and forget their sufferings is a timely reminder not to chase for instant gratification.

The attendees were divided into three groups – English-speaking attendees at the carpark and the remaining non-English speaking attendees on the second and third floors of Kaimyo-in Temple. Lively interactions followed as participants spoke frankly about how they changed their lives and overcame challenges through sincere practice and shakubuku.

After the breakout sessions, everyone gathered back at the main hall to listen to inspiring experiences from two believers who coincidentally have the same name – May. May Lim is a believer of seven years, and May Koh is a new believer of one year and seven months. After that, members were then invited to share their impressions of this Kenshu.

Noreen, Chief of the Women’s Division, delivered the closing remarks of the event with her encouragement on daily practice and daily life before inviting Chief Priest to deliver his guidance.

The Women’s Division Ukulele Team provided an enjoyable finale to the Kenshu with two songs – “Fen Siang” and “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. Participants were invited to enjoy the refreshments served and were each given a souvenir for attending the Kenshu.

Special thanks to Vice-Koto, Women’s Division Chief, planning team and support group for giving their best with itai doshin for the success of this year’s Kenshu.

Siamalla, Jurong Zone
I was feeling tired after working the night shift and wanted to pass on this year’s Women’s Division Kenshu. My sister Vani encouraged me not to miss the Kenshu, so I had a cup of coffee, washed up, and we both attended.Instead of feeling tired or sleepy, I felt refreshed during the Kenshu.

The whole experience was eyeopening for me. I always felt that my problems were tough in comparison to others, but I was not expecting other believers to have more complex issues to resolve. I was very touched by the sharing of testimonials.

The ukulele performance was such a treat to watch and enjoy. This Women’s Division Kenshu strengthened my faith and motivated me to work harder for kosen-rufu.

Kala, Sengkang Zone
The Kenshu was very well-planned and refreshing. I was enlightened to know that many fellow believers are facing many obstacles and they overcome them with the Gohonzon’s blessing and Daimoku.

I was well-engaged throughout the Kenshu. I will share what I have heard with my family members and friends and encourage them to attend the nextKenshu.

Chen Yingmin, Sembawang Zone
The Kenshu was excellent as many encouraging stories were shared. It made me reflect on how fortunate I am and how I should appreciate my life and blessings instead of complaining about trivial matters.

Sua Kim Jo, Hougang Zone
I have learnt many useful experiences from this Kenshu. During shakubuku activities, I will share these experiences with others who are suffering.

Chong Hee Kian, Tampines Zone
The organisation of the Kenshu and experience sharing were well-planned. Everyone was so engrossed and immersed in the discussion. The Kenshu was a great success.





当时, 也有一小组妇人信徒一边弹着乌克丽丽,一边唱歌来迎接到访的信徒。在办完登记手续后,参与者便去本堂参加唱题。



参加者过后分成三组, 讲英语的在停车场聚集,其余的在开妙院本堂和客殿。通过踊跃交流,大家坦率地分享了他们各自如何通过真诚的修行与折伏,从而改变了他们的人生并克服了种种困难与挑战。

小组交流会结束之后,大家重新聚集在开妙院的大厅,专心聆听两位同名信徒讲述激动人心的经历。两位分享体验的信徒都叫May。May Lim入信已经有七年,而另外一位May Koh是入信仅一年七个月的新信徒。之后,信徒成员们都坦诚地分享了他们对这一次研修的感想与心得。


妇女部的乌克丽丽团队弹奏了两首悦耳的歌曲 —-《分享》和《敢敢做个开心人》,并以此作为这次愉快的研修会尾声。过后,信徒成员们一起享用茶点,每人也都得到一份参加研修会的纪念品。



裕廊区 Siamalla
那天,上完夜班后,我确实感到很累。本想要错过今年的妇女部研修, 可是我的姐姐Vani鼓励我不要缺席。所以我喝了一杯咖啡,洗了澡,然后和姐姐一起前來参加研修会。在研修会期间,我感到精神焕发,一点都不困倦。



盛港区 Kala


三巴旺区 陈颖敏

后港区 陈胜利

淡滨尼 张禧娟