Senior Citizen Discussion Meeting


senior1On Sunday, 31st March, Chief Priest conducted short Gongyo and shodai to commence the Senior Citizen Discussion Meeting. At the end of the chanting session, Chief Priest conveyed that he had prayed for the senior citizens to enjoy a long life, giving him the chance to see them more often. He was concerned that he would have to conduct the funeral ceremony for them one day if they were to pass away earlier and that it would be painful and difficult for him to face that moment.
The theme of this month’s meeting is “Smile”. One believer, Pamela, shared that during the past one year, Chief Priest had been telling all believers to smile courteously as a gesture of sincerity, humility and compassion.

Mrs Seah spoke of Smile in the layman poetry form:

Respect is courtesy
Sincere friendship is trustworthy
Sweet smile is being loved by everybody
Good fortune is being humble and amiable
Treasure of the heart is compassionate beauty
Treasure of the store is from pure charity
Treasure of the health is from smiles and being happy.

 This was followed by a lively and relaxing drama titled “Performing Shakubuku with Smile”.

senior2After the drama, Mdm Ong Lilian was interviewed. She shared her experience of changing her broken marriage to a happy family through her abundant Daimoku, activities in shakubuku and cleaning duties at the temple which enabled her to purify her life. She also talked about her Tozan trip in which she paid her debts of gratitude to the Dai-Gohonzon.

The next item allowed believers to engage in a  dialogue with Chief Priest. Mrs Seah started the ball rolling by asking Chief Priest for advice about her daughters who are half-hearted in faith. Chief Priest suggested that Mrs Seah encourage her daughters to get married as this would help them to leave the comfort zone and become responsible for their own familes. He explained that as life changes, her daughters would start to face thier own problems and the best solution for them would be to turn to the Gohonzon for help. This will result in the strengthening of their faith and letting them stand on their own feet.

Another believer, Rita, explained that along with her busy housework duties, her son was not chanting due to his unhappiness with her busy lifestyle. She also
shared that her daughter–in-law would not allow her children to be brought to the temple in future as she preferred to leave the choice of religion to them when they grow up. Rita also mentioned that her in-law is a Christian who did not force her own daughter to be a Christian. Chief Priest advised that such changes in attitude should start from within Rita herself and encouraged her to chant to the Gohonzon to better manage her time and lifestyle. These changes
could show her family that her life has been made more meaningful and healthier after practising True Buddhism.
At the end of the dialogue session, Chief Priest summarised by praising Mdm Ong Lillian for being a good role model to those with broken families in Singapore. He shared that the Gohonzon will protect our family if we believe in the Gohonzon whole heartedly and that chanting Daimoku to the Gohonzon will change poison to medicine

御主管于2 0 1 3 年3 月3 1日早晨1 0点带领全体信徒读诵经文与唱题。座谈会的主题是“微笑”。主管向御本尊祈念乐龄信徒能延年益寿。若有一天要给早逝的信徒举行丧礼仪式他会于心不忍,所以他希望信徒能延长寿命可有更多的时间见到大家。

秀华做了简短的叙述,这一年来主管对“微笑”的教导是:礼貌、诚恳、谦虚、慈悲、 友善、亲切、布施、健康。







主管通过“谈心”节目后给于指导,他在总结时称赞王雅金女士是新加坡信徒们的模范, 她通过确信御本尊,努力地修行,得到佛的智慧,使家庭和睦,获得变毒为药的功德。

想要与主管“谈心”,讲头谢先生邀请出席者三个月后的谈心节目再参加。会议在12点25 分结束。